Does anybody else have the issue where they want to mention somebody in a post, but they don't know their full fediverse account so they hope the auto-complete will help out? But everyone has had multiple accounts on different instances over time, and you don't know what one is correct? Or am I just bad at memorizing everyone's instances?

@gabek Not that it helps now, but would using the 'private note about this account' field help? 'This is so-and-so's main'

@kithop I've never seen that before! I don't generally use the web interface, so maybe I miss out on things. But usually when I run into the problem it's when I'm trying to compose a post and then I have to exit it to figure out what account is the correct one.

@gabek @kithop the web interface is also suboptimal in such cases...just differently 🙄 heavy friction to follow or like smth, but easiest to tell items from each other

@gabek I just tried mentioning myself and my old @cincodenada account doesn't show up in the prediction list, I imagine because I used the migration feature or whatever to mark it as obsolete. Doesn't help with alts, ofc, but maybe this is fixed for formally migrated accounts?

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