While I had hoped there'd be more people on the fediverse who are/were in bands or do independent music production and have videos for their projects I didn't get much response. Unfortunately only a couple people sent anything.

If anyone has ideas on where I can get in touch w/ indie musicians who want to share their videos please let me know as I'd love to keep this project idea up and have an outlet for musicians.

btw @controlfreak is playing right now:

@gabek I'd really like to be able to find the artists played on here. I've already heard/seen a few that I'd like to know who they are.

@nebunez I have some work in progress that will display the song metadata and make smarter song choices, but I'm not sure if I should keep working on it or not.

@gabek I just got in touch with the Best of Synthia and they will be uploading our video catalog in the next couple of days

@nebunez Oh awesome! Then I don't have to feel bad about the bootleg one I stole and added :) Thank you!

@gabek @controlfreak I don't have any projects but I used to play all throughout High School and really wish I kept playing after seeing some of the stuff on here.

@gabek be patient. for me it took some time to build a nice timeline. And it still does not feel overwhelming, but that's fine. no algo has to suggest me who or what to follow. algo's are most of the time too narrow for my taste.

@miccaman oh I'm actually trying to collect music videos from independent musicians for a streaming site to help promote music:

@ferds Awesome! Upload any videos you'd like to add to the rotation over at Thank you for contributing!

@gabek I'm whipping up something over the next couple days specifically for the channel :)

@zt Oh very exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing it!

@gabek Coming to this late, but I'll share a couple of videos from my band tomorrow 😃

@gabek Ok, uploaded a couple of tracks by my band (Flange Circus - Will upload a couple more in the next few days if you think these two are OK!

@torsten_torsten Awesome, I just checked it out! Thank you for sharing!

@gabek ill upload some stuff in a few days, thanks for setting this up!

@johanv Oh super cool, thank you! I'm looking forward to your additions!

@gabek @controlfreak to raise numbers I'd write to labels, collectives, festivals, event promoters. bands and musicians likely have a limited number of videos each, and promotion isn't necessarily something they are good with

@gabek I could probably dig up a Boner Killerz video but it’s gonna be a live show recording on someone’s shitty phone with shitty audio quality lol…

@gabek maybe you could contact the Netlabel Archive, they work with CC-licensed music, they used to have a YouTube channel which was recently terminated (apparently without a valid reason) and were looking for an alternate streaming solution

@pixelflowers Oh very interesting, thanks for letting me know. I'll ping them and see what's going on.

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