I've never watched the Saw movies. Is it worth going back and watching all of them?

Also, I've never watched The Purge movies. Is it worth going back and watching those?

@gabek For being super low budget doing a whole new thing, the first Saw is excellent. Attending a Q&A featuring the director talking about how he wrote it and shot it in his garage only underscored my impression of it.
I wasn't as taken with what bits and pieces (no pun intended) of what I've seen of the others in the series.

@reay Interesting! I had no idea it was low budget. I always thought it was a huge movie with all the sequels and spin offs.

@gabek Yeah, the first one was done on a tight budget. The writer/director said he basically let his neighbours know he was shooting something in his garage so not to worry about any weird noises or screaming they heard coming from there.
I couldn't say for sure but I vaguely recall/got the impression that he had little to do (or perhaps less and less?) with the ongoing series.

@gabek The first Saw movie was great. From there - to me - it was only copy & paste with changes in details.

@gabek the first Saw is good. It’s been a long time but I think the second one is alright. The rest are meh

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