I haven't mentioned it in a while, but I'm still collecting music videos from independent, underground and lesser-than-mainstream artists to stream on If you have any content you can provide, or know of artists to suggest, please let me know!

@gabek I really like REUTOFF feat. DEUTSCH NEPAL - Flame but i don't know if it is independent enough. Lately i asked Lina if i could play the video in a stream and who i need to ask for oermission. He just wrote "do it" 😉

@gabek This is not an official music video but it's awesome too: Current 93 & HÖH - The Dream of a Shadow of Smoke

@gabek Have you ever heard of DA-SEIN? A project that is released through Galakthorrö (the label of Haus Arafna, November Növelet and Subliminal). I saw them live in Munich when live concerts still were a thing.

DA-SEIN released 3 videos so far:

@gabek And if you like "Angst-Pop" you should check out Haus Arafna's latest masterpiece "Kreise um das Nichts"

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