Dream idea:

An open software + hardware platform that's kind of like pro hardware video switchers, but has USB ports instead of HDMI so normal people like me can plug in their webcams without needing pro gear. It could run OBS and work as an external appliance dedicated to source switching and doing RTMP out.

Not sure if there's any open hardware single board computers that have the horsepower to do multiple sources, compositing, transitions, etc but that'd be cool, right?

Or does this exist?

@gabek Raspberry PI (or another SBC) with enough USB ports?

@jautero Not sure it would have the gpu power for compositing. Also not sure how many discrete usb busses it has. I k ow at one point so the ports shared a single bus, limiting the input bandwidth. Even my MacBook Pro can’t have multiple 1080p webcams sharing a usb bus.

@gabek should reverse engineer (or at least take spart) blackmagic design atem hardware switchers and see what's inside.

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