I got zero responses last time I hit up the Fediverse offering paid creative work, but I'm not giving up!

Some features being worked on require iconography. And while we could use an icon library or something like Fiverr it'd be nice to work with an illustrator on the Fediverse who focuses on icons to have something that is custom.

This is paid work, so please boost and tell your friends.

Feel free to message me on the fediverse or email me:

Thank you to everyone who shared the message, I got responses this time!

I reached out to a couple people and I saved everyone else's info for future projects but feel free to reach out if you're interested in contributing to Owncast in different ways

Thanks again, everyone.

@gabek that sounds like something that someone at could be interested in @Curator

@gabek @mmSalami

Thanks! Checking out the project now.

Gabe, feel free to DM me a test icon/project that I can put together for you to see if you would be interested in working together.

@lutindiscret I wasn't familiar with that, thanks for suggesting it!

@gabek also there is the french-speaking @design_libre who is followed by FLOSS enthousiast designers.

@gabek try one of the art servers, maybe?

and add a tag, like #paidwork
or #artist
or #jobs

@gabek I'm not particularly interested in the money but if you have trouble finding someone for this, HMU as I contribute #design to #FOSS projects where the original devteam are looking for help.

Did you ever find someone to be on screen video talent?

@tychi There were a couple different things, one was offering a paid commission to build an explainer video, and the other was just a list of non-technical ways you can help contribute to Owncast including making videos and tutorials. But no bites on either so I just moved on from those ideas for now.

@gabek 🙋‍♀️ i might be a bit late to this, but i think i can help out with creating illustrations

@gabek @nyx I have a feeling you two might want to talk to one another re: doing creative work / getting creative work done?

@gabek Hi there, I'd love to help.

I have a lot of experience with vector graphics - I designed several fonts, right now I am creating an illustrated math textbook which is also uses on vector graphics.

Otherwise, I am a front-end developer, with focus on UX.

All contacts and info are on my website:

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