Das Bunker in LA sent out this flyer. Made me laugh.

@gabek Very nice! Clubs are re-closed here due to increasing capacity problems in our hospitals. Yes, in the oh-so developed Germany 🙄

@markus That's too bad, I hope it gets better soon. If only for selfish reasons, I was hoping to visit Germany in June!

@gabek I am still not convinced that we can do much in june already. This year the clubs were allowed to re-open on the first weekend in october only to be closed again effective today (hey, even hairdressers are CLOSED starting today!).

Our government is very cautious when it's about re-opening things, especially when it comes to clubs and culture (and hairdressers of course).

Be prepared to still see closed venues, museums, theatres and such in june. Make arrangements as late as possible.

@markus I have tickets for a music festival that has been cancelled for the past two years, so it sounds like this might be the third year it'll be cancelled from how you're describing things. Oh well, 2022 it is!

@gabek Let us talk about 2023 in Germany next year in november again ;-)

@gabek Cool wäre es ja, wenn sie die 128 kbps durchziehen. 😂@z428

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