For the second time in my life I murdered a mouse in my apartment. I feel horrible about it. The first time was about four years ago and I still think about it.

Been there! I consoled myself by considering that these were sacrifices for the greater good of the species by eliminating the genetic disposition to spend time in the den of an apex predator. Right? Who does that??? I'M SO SORRY MOUSIE

@gabek there’s a hole somewhere in our (otherwise closed off) chimney and birds get stuck in our fireplace from time to time, and we capture them and release them outside. but one time a bat got trapped in there and I was like “sorry little dude, I really don’t want rabies ):” I’m not sure if it found its way back out or found some nook to crawl into and starved to death but it was too much of a health risk to try to help it. I feel guilty about it too

@kitty @gabek Book recommendation: Mary Roach’s Fuzz is a great noodling about this tension across cultures and eras. And like most of her books be sure not to skip the footnotes.

@mattdsteele @kitty @gabek My next door neighbor has a story about talking to God about killing a mouse and feeling terrible. He's an atheist (ex-Mormon) nowadays.

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