Web people are like: "Let's deprecate the <center> tag because I think <style>.centered { display: flex; justify-content: center }</style><div class=centered> just makes more sense."

@gabek @somarasu i really hope not, but, i especially don’t know what to expect from """web""" people anymore 😂

@mood @gabek Unrelated: my "web" name is "Margina Auto" because I mistyped "margin: auto". 😂

@mood @gabek Prepare for the next Single Working Woman Sitcom™️: "Margina Auto"!

She's a single Black woman who works as the lead front-end developer for a major player in Silicon Valley.

She balances workplace racism with inter-office romance, with *hilarious* results.

Coming to CBS or whatever station dares to play Young Sheldon.

@gabek HTML should not be responsible for styling, only for semantic structure

@Gargron @gabek Agreed, but then again we have CSS Pseudoselectors (:before and :after), which can create new HTML nodes, which are –and are not, simultaneously– part of the DOM. Not speaking of CSS Animations, which barely fit into the "styling" description (we used to have JavaScript for that useless stuff). The Web is too complex for its own sake, and it's getting worse, with new misfeatures pushed by technogiants (there are exceptions, of course, like Flexboxes, which fix some fatal flaws in CSS).

@tychi @gabek Please, don't tell me you'll also bring the tag back to life 😉

@gabek every browser I've ever tried it in has respected it. Never died to me :)

@gabek I don't think

could center something vertically. The CSS version of would be text-align: center; What I don't understand is why we can't have both. Some people might need to use just HTML without the need for something fancy. Why should they bother with writing stylesheets?

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