I wish I wasn't so anti-Twitter and Instagram. I'd have friends then.

@gabek You're not alone here, Gabe. I also quit all that stuff years ago and I feel like I have much more time for my rl friends now.

@mahartma Sounds like I am alone, what are these real life friends you refer to? How do you meet them if you're not on Twitter and Instagram?

@gabek Mumble, actually, since there often is no other way in times of COVID.

@gabek Hmm. I've had the opposite experience. Although I haven't used l Facebook for close to a decade, I feel this paradigm more friendly and interesting.

@gabek I think I see what you mean. What would you change? Is it just a userbase problem, in your mind?

@jch It's just a very different culture. On Twitter you can look up and see where people are meeting up and you can join them for a beer. On the Fediverse it's very anonymous and people aren't looking to grow their circle.

@gabek not true. I'm literally assembling my RL Fediverse friends for a NY party. And we are going to stream it too.

Your Fediverse is what you make it.


@drq I'm truly happy things are working out for you.

@gabek Ah, interesting take. I gave up SF and beers some time ago, but I see your point. I still suspect it's mostly a numbers issues than anything. Thanks for the reply.

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