Tomorrow Owncast will be having our periodic sync up call to chat about what's going on with the project and plan for the future. And this time around I have news to share! You're invited to join us, even if you just want to lurk.

@pixelflowers Oh very interesting, thanks for letting me know. I'll ping them and see what's going on.

@Xjs I'm not sure about the bass line, but the synth riff is pretty much a complete copy of Plants vs. Zombies!


on 7:30-10:30pm Pacific.

Virtual Private Piano Bar powered by and your boosts ❤️

@cardassianvole That's all pretty much what I would expect. Crazy. I can't imagine they'll last.

@cardassianvole Oh god. I can't imagine any circumstance where I'd go in there. It must be the worst.

Since I filed my taxes for 2020 the US government finally knows that I made next to no money last year and now I'm eligible for one of those fancy recovery checks, even though I missed out on the previous ones. Better late than never!

This Thursday the crew will be having our periodic sync-up call to discuss what's going on with the project, and what's next. Anybody who wants join in is invited! If you want to get more involved, have thoughts, or are just curious and want to listen along you should hang out with us.

@kitty Ok! I'll have to setup Owncast as a Webpack project at some point in the future first, and I hate this web stuff enough to probably push it off for a long time. BUT at some point I'll look into it again and drag you in.

@kitty Nothing currently. Just using ESM to load them individually from the web app. But it'd be nice to bundle vendor code without touching the app code, and that's where I keep striking out. Using something like Rollup or Webpack, at least how I've used them in the past, requires you to shove your app code through it and that's kind of a non-starter :\

@kitty I've never found any examples of such a thing with how to get tree-shaking or importing libraries from bundles to work. I've only done all-or-nothing and that seems to be the standard. The web is the worst :\

@skeleton_face Oh interesting! But you still need to actively be using Webpack for development and putting your own (non-vendored) code through it? I have a use case where the vendor code and app code are completely separate and I want people to be able to edit the raw source of the app code without any bundlers, transpilers, etc but use bundled vendor code. I look into it every once in a while, but have yet found a way to pull it off haha.

Is it possible in a web app to bundle only your vendor/external dependencies but leave your first-party, app Javascript as unbundled?

@deafferret It took place! I’ll let you know in a couple weeks if I die from some virus I caught from people.

My girlfriend: Do you know what "Node.js: Server-side JavaScript" is?

Me: Yeah, why are you asking?

Her: Is it a virus?

Me: Weeeell... 😆

(turns out Adobe Cloud is now running two node processes on her Windows machine)

If a regular user has to know or care what programming language you wrote your software in, you failed.

My team is on the lookout for talented frontenders to come join us in building amazing things! If you know someone or are someone that’s interested you can apply here:

Tonight is the first real concert + club night I'll be going to. I should be _super excited_ but I'm so burned out from this year and a half that I don't know how to look forward to things and be happy about them. I guess I assumed it'll be taken away at the last second. But over time maybe it'll come back and I'll figure out how to enjoy the things I love again.

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