After years of repeating the "lift wrist, see nothing, wait for watch to turn on, see what time it is" dance, it's really weird to just have the time on my watch all the time. It's like a watch.

@cardassianvole I had a reservation so it worked out. Now I have both things.

Hello from the Apple Store. Here’s a photo of me in line, when I already have a phone.

Does anybody use Overcast for iOS? I’m really struggling to find a setting that tells it just to keep one unplayed episode per show, regardless if there are more unplayed episodes. It seems to just keep all unplayed episodes… and the most recent.

@shadowfacts No, I’m an idiot. I had planned on buying both the phone and the watch for pickup at the Apple store, but then I couldn’t get the phone, so only the watch was placed for pickup. Now I have the phone in my hand and I have to later go pickup just the watch. People in line are going to think I’m weird.

@shadowfacts This is funny because I ordered the new watch with the Milanese Loop for the first time haha.

@shadowfacts I ended up going through AT&T instead of Apple and that worked out, even later in the day when it went on sale.

How I know iPhones are not overly precious to me anymore: I’m setting up the new Pro while eating a messy burrito.

When talking about the business of dating apps don’t say “Tinder penetration”.

I usually don’t think memes are funny because they’re just throwaway pop jokes, but this “storming Area 51” thing gives me a good chuckle.

@shadowfacts Somebody at Apple wrote the word “hack” and I’m still completely blown away by that.

This is the most comprehensive response I've ever gotten for a radar.

tl;dr for backwards compat, URL intentionally tries to clean up malformed URLs which can cause crashes

I feel stupid getting my watch for pickup at the Apple Store now that I’m getting the phone delivered. I’m going to be in line for hours just for a stupid watch.

I’m personally pretty confused when it comes to DNS over HTTP. It’s undeniably safer (given the right circumstances), but it’s just another example of HTTP taking over. Why does everything need to be “over HTTP”? The internet used to be made up all kinds of great, purpose built, protocols. Now it’s just a big HTTP client. Are we too lazy to build new things? To learn new things? Is the web all that matters, so we just make everything look like the web?

@shadowfacts Yeah, totally open in a source code and site ownership sense, but it would feel pretty closed off if there was just one way to do web stuffs.

Matt Mullenweg said he wants at least 85% of the web to be running on Wordpress/Automattic software in order for the web to be “more open”. Uh, that would mean almost every web site is entirely powered by PHP, developed by a single company, and almost entirely eliminates the diversity of technologies that power web sites. How is that “more open”? Sure the web sucks right now, but that would really suck.

You’re a nut. You’re crazy in the coconut.

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