Barold moved to my island and I’m so happy.

Quibi can now join Clinkle in the “WTF” hall of shame.

I keep seeing people saying “Please give money to Peertube so they’ll build live streaming”. And I’m not saying they shouldn’t earn money, but why are they holding features hostage until you pay them for it? If they want to build it, they should build it. It just doesn’t feel very “free and open sourcey”.

Rex is leaving my island today and that’s kind of sad.

Currently listening to: The Life of Chris Gaines.

I think I’m going to postpone the car live stream until the trip back so I can prepare with some motion sickness precautions.

I think I got it working but then I got super motion sick in the back seat looking at my laptop. Going to wait until we’re on a smoother road and try again.

Most listened to music in the past week:

Powerman 5000, Diorama, About Group, Angelspit, Anonsa, Black Box, Blue Stahli, EURINGER and Fatboy Slim.

AT&T is blocking outbound RTMP when using them as a hotspot. Going to try Google-fi shortly.

I’m starting to setup my live stream gear in the car for a DJ set. I think I have all the parts needed. Probably in 30 min or so!

I’m going to try and live stream a DJ set with video from the car in a few hours. This might not work at all and I haven’t tested it. I’ll let you know when I know when this is going to go down and probably fail.

@kitty I think that’s true. Either for business or just plain attention.

I will never understand people who write blog posts that start with “I learned about the existence of X yesterday and now I want to teach it to you”. This culture of turning a StackOverflow answer that you read into an entire post is so weird. You’re offering nothing but a more verbose interpretation of that SO answer.

lol some alt-right assholes scheduled a protest around the corner and people listed on the flyer to give talks weren’t even told about it. Looks like they should put down their guns and pick up a blog post about project management or something.

@kitty I know, so weird! It’s like two completely different movies.

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