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🎃 D A N C E 🎃

At first I didn't know WHAT I should draw for this prompt. But then... How come I didn't think of this one in the first place! IT'S PERFECT!!!

#art #mastoart #ink #drawing #kowaitober #inktober #pumpkin #spookyscaryskeletons

It’s that time of year again where I remind you that just because you like the song “Every day is Halloween” doesn’t mean you like Ministry. In fact, if you like that song you’ll probably hate Ministry.

Is there a name for people who think that the web ruined everything? And if so, where on IRC can I find them?

We’re experimenting with a way you can try out an server without running one yourself.

Visit and point your streaming software at it to check it out. If you find it’s a good fit you might want to run your own server for your streaming needs!

Shell scripts to run the Ruby that downloads the Objective-C required for writing Swift.

Wow, entire companies have spun up to make generic music that you can use so your online content doesn’t get hit by copyright strikes on Youtube and twitch and Facebook and stuff. The system is so broken.

Did you know that you can live stream your Zoom meetings/conferences with ? You could embed this right on your web site or whatever, very cool. @jannik detailed how to do this, and it’s a pretty cool solution for bridging these two worlds.

I think the charging circuit in this iPod I tried to refurbish is borked, because it seems to always be dead, even though I put in a brand new battery. I think this attempt at fixing up an iPod from parts didn’t really work. I could buy a replacement logic board, but the click wheel is still not working well and it might be a lost cause. I’ll probably end up trying again and just rip out all the new parts from this one and put them in something else.

Ladytron’s Witching Hour turns 15 years old, so I’m listening to it. Such a great album. Very few songs open an album as well as High Rise does, and then song after song I fell in love with all those years ago.

Destroy Everything You Touch is still a perfect pop song.

I’m trying to get into these emoji things the kids have been talking about. I hope @shadowfacts enjoys them.

Most listened to music in the past week:

Blaqk Audio, Aesthetic Perfection, KMFDM, VNV Nation, Ashbury Heights, Apoptygma Berzerk, Priest, The Birthday Massacre and Angelspit.

WOW look at this Easter egg on the NIN Quake Soundtrack vinyl. I wonder if anyone's reported this online yet?

Holy crap, a new Imperative Reaction is actually going to come out.

I just spent hours trying to bundle node modules into a single file that I can ship with a web app and I just couldn’t get it to work. I got Webpack to bundle all of the npm crap, but the browser refused to use it. I get so frustrated with the web because it’s such a shit show of tools and plugins and transpilers that you have to stack on top of each other in order to do anything simple and it still doesn’t work as it should.

Tomorrow morning has our next team call, and you’re invited! If you just want to pick up some small tasks for , or you want to get involved with a streaming video project writing some or we’d love to have you. Join us as we kick off our new project, the Owncast Admin for managing instances, plus other exciting topics at hand.

I’m watching the Mission Impossible movies for the first time and I’m wondering, what happens if the agent chooses not to accept it? Are they contract workers paid on a per-project basis?

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