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I've been meaning to re-organize and update my dotfiles for the past year, after macOS moved to zsh. Finally getting around to it using thoughtbot/dotfiles as a base.

I don't know how to make memes so you'll just have to imagine this:

A bunch of guys sitting around a stage at a strip club, watching a stripper dance, and the caption says "Pole Watchers".

You're welcome.

I'm excited that it's leather jacket weather. I have way more fun cold weather jackets than I do warm weather.

When we look back on the timeline of when Apple lost its personality and sense of humor take note that in 2020 they still had it.

"The Macbook Air with M1. Given that you're an Air user, I know what you're wondering: Does Google G Suite still work? The answer is a resounding YES. So you can buy one now, I guess."

Air is the right call. Make the project managers beta test that shit.

Since paying for a GPU accelerated VPS isn't cost-effective in the long term, I'm looking to build a home server so I can work on GPU accelerated Owncast support. This machine will play double duty as a general purpose home server (Nextcloud, VPN, etc). I originally was thinking of building something small and quiet, but I'll just have to find somewhere to put this :) Does anybody have any hardware suggestions for an NVIDIA powered machine?

I feel dirty any time I have to attend a "grooming" meeting.

Decided to give pop_os a try. I like how it has a tiling window manager out of the box. Plus it's stable. Hopefully I can run this for a while and have some fun with it.

Most listened to music in the past week:

Ayria, Blue Stahli, Bush, Killer Be Killed, Little Big, MC Frontalot,, Paul Oakenfold and Ruined Conflict.

Trying to use Linux as a daily driver is pretty much this every day. People make it look so easy. But every distro is unusable in its own very special way.

I literally heard a champagne cork outside the window and then “We are the champions” started playing.

Going outside. It sounds like a party out there and if there’s anything interesting I’ll stream it.

I hear people cheering down the street in San Francisco.

Seems like the downside of Ubuntu + Budgie on this laptop is sometimes when the laptop goes to sleep you can’t ever get back in unless you power cycle the entire machine. Maybe there’s no distro of Linux I’ll ever be happy with.

I wiped my ElementaryOS install and installed Ubuntu w/ Budgie. I feel like Budgie is a good middle ground of polish and customization. And because it's Ubuntu it works with everything. I kind of wanted to give a tiling window manager a shot, but i3, like many things, didn't scale the resolution properly on this laptop (high dpi screen), but Budgie looks great. I'm still hoping I can find a way for applications to always launch to a specific workspace.

I feel like all these poor election officials in these counties are learning about standups for the first time.

"Yesterday we counted 3500 ballots. Today we counted another 2200. No blockers."

Re: Home server. Some of me wants to say “screw quiet and small” and just run ethernet to my kitchen and put something in there. My kitchen isn’t used for anything else. And then I could build whatever I wanted.

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