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Most listened to music in the past week:

Slam, :Wumpscut:, 6ejou, 808 State, Alignment, Arah, Chromeo, Cosmic Boys and Extrawelt.

Just heard that distinctive "POP" that you get when something electrical goes off the rails. Though I don't smell or see any smoke, and everything seems to be functioning ok.

Owncast is now listed on Linode's app marketplace. I find that to be super cool. Now you can install with one click on DigitalOcean and Linode. I hope people find that useful.

When I saw the subject line of this email I didn’t expect it to go this direction.

“Do you program or are you in a programming-related field? If so, researchers from the University of Michigan invite you to take a survey regarding your attitudes towards, and usage of, cannabis.”

Oh, would you look at that… a new way to install an Owncast server in next to no time at all ;)

Thanks @gabek :)

S’update: a small update on what I’ve been working on… live stream starts in a few minutes at:

Today: and updates on the Small Web reference client (moving to Vite, etc.)

#SmallTech #SmallWeb #Supdate

Wait, there's new :wumpscut:!? Nobody told me!

tomorro another stream-show comin up. this time a burlesque risque much more messy much more work for each number yay going crazy we are commenting on political shit too but it's proper blackmagick cam sh*t but lotsa floss in use some slovene some english if you like

seen it?


“TikTok and ByteDance’s advertising revenue is built on the personal information of its users, including children.”

We built a world where not only is this legal (“punishable by fine”) but rewarded (to the tune of billions in revenue). Everyone involved, please, take a fucking bow.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #PeopleFarming


Relaying from 7:30pm Pacific until defeated by booze and/or obscurity.

Just a man, a , and simple music for complicated people. And .

✊ Powered by and your boosts!

More covid bullshit 

Just heard of somebody who was vaccinated who got COVID. So if you had any hope that you'll be able to do anything ever again, or that you can stop sitting home waiting to die, let me take that optimism away from you. We're all still fucked and hope is still not in sight.

@kylebronsdon Since I usually think about it during your stream when it’s too late, try turning down your “Latency Buffer” this week for your stream. Not all the way to the left, but probably second notch from the left. Hopefully it can be brought down a bit!

In roughly 20 minutes, I am going to begin streaming Sonic Mania.

I will not be talking, there will be no webcam, this will be purely gameplay. Chill vibes.

I would like to stress test my #owncast setup on running on a $5/mo VPS with Backblaze

The stream will go until we crash the server or I beat the game, which will be under three hours.

I'll share the link in reply to this post.

Can you imagine if real life club DJs were like Twitch DJs where they interrupt the music every 30 seconds to ask you for a microtransaction or that they won't be able to continue playing music unless you buy their merch?

This is a real form I just discovered. This is not a joke.

Just reinstalled the Small Technology Foundation Owncast server using Site.js and the new one-line installation command worked like a charm.

To run your own Owncast server is now as simple as:

1. Install Site.js:

wget -qO- | bash

2. Install/enable Owncast in production:

site enable --owncast

That’s it! You’re up and running with Owncast. Now go change your stream key to something secure and start streaming ;)

#SmallTech #SmallWeb #Owncast

@aral Fun S'update today! Sorry about the unzip and curl thing. Our install script does check for that, but the idea of somebody running the installer from another tool was never envisioned! :) We could stand to drop the zip requirement and use curl _or_ wget.

I had to do a little Roku work for the first time in a while today. It auto installs all the stuff you had installed on previous devices, so I was glad to run into the dev version of Rdio. It actually launches.

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