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I’d have so many more friends if I enjoyed video games.

My favorite music video ever, "Dance or Die" is playing on OMTV right now if you happen to be around.

I'm watching the @jnktn_tv year in review recording since I missed it this Saturday. So many good tunes of all different styles.

I hope you're all having a safe and fun 5th of July eve and that George Washington brings you everything you asked for this holiday season.

Most listened to music in the past week:

IAMX, Iris, Chromeo and liebknecht.

im famous in starfleet for being the person behind this amazing design: any time any component on the ship is damaged, a swift shot of electricity bursts through the panel from which it's controlled on the bridge. that was me

Looks like the album has been pushed from July to September. That's ok. After almost 20yrs I can wait a couple more months.

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Why did nobody tell me that The Sneaker Pimps are finally releasing a new, long anticipated album? In less than a week!

There's no way this can live up to the expectations I have for it, but I hope it's great anyway.

I know people love it, but I'm so over hearing "Lo-fi hiphop chill" _everywhere_ online. It makes all internet content come off so sleepy and uninspired. I hope the fad dies soon.

What a privilage it is to meet with you all! So much love going on!

Tune in NOW!

I’m staring to call taking photos or video vertically “millennial style”. I’m hoping it takes off.

I wish there was some kind of record trading/loaning program where every month you get like 3 records in the mail, and then you have to send three back that will go to somebody else.

I don’t have the room to store a ton of records, but I do want a variety over time.

Maybe this actually exists, I’m not sure.

It seems like updating PopOS did fix that USB-c hub problem. So that's cool.

I’m thinking about Linux stuff today because I moved my laptop to where I have a USB-c dock. But every time I plug in my laptop to the dock it freezes up. So just because I have to anyway, I’m updating PopOS and maybe that’ll help. But I’m not actually using any of PopOS’s environment for anything, it just happens to be what I installed a year ago. I’ve since moved to xmonad and away from any desktop environments. But PopOS is fine, it doesn’t get in my way or anything.

Every once in a while I think about wiping my Linux laptop and installing Arch. But I have no idea all of the things I've customized, or where those configs are. Each little thing is a one-off tweak until I got it the way I wanted it. I should have kept a list of things I've changed so I can backup those configs. Most of them are probably in my home directory, but other things are global.

That's us putting together a selection of our acts, both old and current, for the 'Jnktn Year 1 Review' which starts the show this Saturday. We can't believe it's been a whole YEAR since we started this project. CRAZY!

I'm sure you're all having restless nights with the excitement for Saturday, but worry not, we only have TWO MORE SLEEPS until the big day! Santa Claus, eat your heart out - Jnktn's got some great stuff coming your way.

Really hope you can join us! The fun starts at 1PM UTC+1!

Choosing a communications platform based on where the people are is sadly a bad idea because the masses do not make smart decisions. Choose the platform that has the proper privacy-respecting technology and policies. Let the smart ones migrate.

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