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I kind of don't want to the new Matrix movie to come out. I don't want that chance that it could be bad. A movie that's never released is perfect. Like Jodorowsky's Dune, or something.

I just looked up a musician and for his instruments it says "programming" and "Ableton Live". I mean, sure, those are skills to make music. But calling calling Ableton an _instrument_ is stretching a bit.

There should be no hamburger menus in desktop applications. There's lots of room. Use it.

Also, there should be no hamburger menus in mobile applications. Do better than building the digital version of that junk drawer that's next to your sink.


I'm really not a fan of time travel stories because it's a cheap way of telling a story, but I absolutely love how Foundation plays with time.

Star Trek Discovery 

You can hate Star Trek: Enterprise all you want, but you can't tell me you didn't feel something when you heard Archer's Theme being played when they showed the new Space Dock.

The nice thing about running a tiling window manager in a public place is it's an additional level of security. Even if they did have your password they wouldn't be able to figure out how to use it.

I also think that's why Emacs was invented.

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Checked into Trellis. Trying a CoWorking space to be around people during the day.

In an attempt to get out of my apartment and be around people during the day, I'm going to start working from a coworking spot at times. I know the isn't big on in-person meeting up, but if anybody is in a similar spot to me, and misses being around people, I'm going to try and make Trellis CoWorking in my home a couple days a week. It's $5/hr to camp out here, and it has free coffee. You must be vaccinated, and there's plenty of space.

Rittenhouse trial 

You've got to be fucking kidding me.

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Any time I'm on LinkedIn I report every Facebook ad for "promoting terrorism".

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a close encounter of the first kind is seeing a ufo. second kind is seeing an alien. third kind is meeting one. fourth kind is kissing it. fifth kind is touching its tiddy. sixth kind, it probes you. by close encounter of the eight kind, you're divorced and its taking the house

Did you know that the messages sent to you when you visit the demo server at is really a third party bot that's written by @rarepublic using the built-in APIs?

I still think React Functional Components + Hooks are _way_ less useful, less understandable, and harder to write than the initial class-based way of writing components. Web people seem to love turning their development experience into a mess whenever possible.

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I went for a walk to what is now my closest Walgreens. They ran out of bags and were using trash bags, instead.

I miss my old neighborhood Walgreens.

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work wanted

Do you have any need/leads on global remote work, tech, consult, advising, comms, research, managing, etc?

I have been a developer, instructional technologist, lecturer, garlic farmer. Also expert in digital multimedia, broadcasting, show/set/space/installation design.

Can I cheaply assist your creative/activist endeavour?

Do you like industrial, powernoise:

commission sound design or remix?

thank you


It's been about three years since I took out my tongue ring, and I still feel like it's there sometimes.

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