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The Matrix is fantastic. I’m so relieved.

This is the last night I won't have seen a fourth Matrix movie. I don't know if I'm ready.

Thanks to whoever left this nice little thank you. I needed to hear that this week!

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@kylebronsdon has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

Just a man, a piano, and simple music for complicated people. Tuesdays at 7:30pm Pacific.

#music #songwriter #piano

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Just a man, a piano, and the esoteric practice of pairing poetic words with a sequence of musical tones.

makes it good, your boosts make it great.

TONIGHT: In which it doesn't just *feel* like a long night.

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I'm glad I don't follow drum corps anymore. I just learned that stringed instruments are legal in DCA competition for 2022. :\

I watch Star Trek: Discovery now like it's a part time job that I agreed to take on to help a friend. Like, it's fine, and I'm happy to be supportive of this thing they're doing. But, I could probably find other things to do.

Is anybody familiar with how to close items in the global CVE database? Owncast fixed a CVE in September but this week it started making its rounds as a "new" vulnerability when in reality it was fixed and released months ago. I hate that it looks like I've let this CVE linger when in reality it was addressed immediately.

I do think execution as a punishment for scroll hijacking on a web page is a bit harsh. But you could convince me life in prison is about right.

But seriously, I've never heard anybody say anything positive about this practice, yet it's everywhere. So who are these people that think it's a good idea if everyone is vocal about how bad it is?

If you find yourself having free moments and want to try something new, I have a goal of three new contributors to before the end of the year. It's not a big number, but even one contributor is a _huge_ deal that injects so much more than code into a project. Every contributor brings with them their ideas and approaches and it gives me somebody to talk to.

Right now frontend web is our biggest need for help, but all are welcome! Let me know if you're interested and I'll make it easy.

Covid chatter 

Aside from going to the mostly empty coworking space and the one _huge_ exception of going to see The Matrix, because it's worth the risk, I guess I'm going to stay away from people for the new few weeks. I get my booster Wednesday, so I'll feel better once that chip is implanted and my software is upgraded. This new strain is scary.

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wether you have a bit of a well earned end of year break or just making some time for new projects:

anyone planning to start streaming? branch out into some self hosting? putting on any special streams?

let us know what's the craic

have some time to help with dev and testing?

or just looking for some intersting new content:

regardless do have a safe silly season

#owncast #selfhost #streaming #broadcast

Most listened to music in the past week:

Assemblage 23, Iris, Mental Discipline, The Birthday Massacre, Blutengel, Mesh,, Neuroticfish and The Presets.

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Come join us on now. It's Christmas Special time. Come for the music, stay for the amazing drawing skills of the Jnktn Crew.

Kudos for the nicest of the nicest Rudolfs I've ever seen to

Don't get me wrong, I love _real_ journalists, and I think they provide an important service to the world.

But one of the most underrated benefits of leaving the Birdsite all these years later is that I don't follow any journalists, especially _tech_ journalists. Tech journalists are the worst and the world is better when you don't let them talk at you.

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Thanks to JC and to @rarepublic for the last two shows! Some fantastic tunes that have really set the stage.

NOW PLAYING: Vera's Radio Show

Tune in for some 90s classics!

#shakeyourbumcheeks #radio #livestream #live #stream #dj #djing

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@jnktn_tv has just started streaming on their #owncast server! Check them out at:

A streaming platform which uses and promotes open-source software.

#music #streaming #owncast #dj #live #radio

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