The company I work for do this thing where you get reward points for good work. I had like 20,000 saved up and decided to chop half of them in for an Apple Watch.

It comes tomorrow and I’m pretty excited. I have a Garmin smart watch, but I think this will be integrated to my phone so much more.

Cue the Apple hate. 🙄

It’s ok folks, we’re allowed to like proprietary stuff too, it’s all good. 😊


@kev I think the main problem with Apple is that they’re overpriced, but IMHO, there’s no better tablet than the iPad.

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@gadonias @kev They certainly have capitalized on their name. But even having said that, I have never gotten stuck with a “lemon” Apple product. Apple has always made right any product issue I have ever experienced. I tend to think of their overzealous pricing as something akin to buying a product with some “insurance” built in. At least that’s the way it always felt to me prior to the “Apple Care tax” of present. But at the end of the day, it’s great to have options out there in the market.

@gadonias I think that uses to be the case, but now flagship phones from other manufacturers like Google, Samsung etc. are similarly priced.

I like the SE range (which is the phone I have). They’re reasonably priced.

Their laptops etc continue to be be very over priced though.

@kev I'd say they're similarly *over*priced, but I get your point 😅

Another problem with all those major manufacturer is the lack of interoperability but, I understand they want us to be fully immersed in their respective ecosystems.

About their laptops, I gotta say, last time I bought a MacBook (2012), it lasted up until the late 2019 running pretty well the latest version of their OS X. It's hard to find laptops with that kind of durability. For some people, it may be worth the price.

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