I believe that most of the people that migrated from , did so because twitter was becoming quite an extremist toxic environment. There's also the whole centralization and censoring issues with platforma like that.

I have witnessed people criticizing (not debating) each other here in for a flexible opinion on private companies and capitalism as a whole. This sounds like extremism to me from the other side of the spectrum.

I've seen people being kicked out of chat groups for using the word "Linux" as a reference to the OS with the kernel. Apparently this is capital sin, you should use either or GNU/Linux. Am I the only one who think this is a bit too much?

I've also seen people engaging in strong criticisms because some organizations should have a more active presence in decentralized services. I agree with the premise, but did we stop to help them reach more people while breaking free from GAFAM?

Where are all the people who talk about sports? Or politics? Or discuss books they read recently?

Where are all the people who discuss practical ways of helping friends and family with barely any IT skill migrate away from GAFAM instead of shoving down theoretical approaches from Saint IGNUcius?

I think one of the things that bothered me the most was a developer saying that he'd stop his support to certain tool because the community was "stupid". He literally said that!

I've always questioned why admins of public instances should block far-right instances. I mean, aren't freedom of speech and "own your data" the whole points of decentralization?

If said "speech" instigate hate, chaos or promote disinformation, you can use your influence to let people know and maybe block it just for you. However, I think people can decide by themselves what they wanna see in their local and global timelines.

While many of you are fighting each other because a specific tool should be decentralized or because some other service is using something from Google, senior citizens just wanna see photos of their grandkids, teenagers just wanna be part of their social circles and adults just want something that works, plain and simple.

How are you helping these kinds of people break away from GAFAM? How can these people (and small businesses) rely on a community that fight each other?

@gadonias there's a contradiction here; you're asking how laymen can breakfree from GAFAM but also saying people should have the individual right to follow or unfollow hateful or manipulative sites. Laymen and tech illiterate do not have the time/education capacity to do this themselves (hence the whole Facebook censorship debate.) (I agree with your sentiment on this thread btw.)

@selamatC Yeah, I may be contradicting myself and I´m not defending hate speech, not sure if that was clear from my previous posts but, does Facebook really block all kind of extremists and hate speeches? Thanks for you comment :)

@gadonias They don't. They say they do but they do a terrible job of it. There's so many articles being published every day from left and right wing news sources with "gotcha" examples of extremist groups staying up on Twitter/Facebook due to arbitrary and opaque guidelines (I've reported groups that spread blatantly false anti-Chinese propaganda that stayed up. Conversely a former US President is still banned from most major social media.)
It's a sisyphean task to try to moderate politics.

@gadonias the only tenable solution I can think of in the face of digital social media communication is a population educated in critical thinking. The alternative is orwellian type tactics that breed dissent.

@selamatC The thing is that we should stop electing politicians and start electing people who really are expert in their respective areas. People still can´t see the power of community and free market.

@gadonias a meritocracy would be great. How to find people who are altruistic and subject matter experts that also want to subject themselves to daily attacks on their character? I imagine it would start with turning down the political temperature via lower economic inequality. People tend not to care as much about sociopolitical things when they feel they're getting paid fairly.

@selamatC It´s a freaking rabbit hole that sometimes we found ourselves in it while the powerful (the 1% of the 1%) are the only ones to benefit from all disinformation, manipulation and political polarization. Today, to play politics mean to destroy someone else´s reputation and deceive as many people as possible. It stopped being about "democracy" a long time ago.

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