I believe that most of the people that migrated from , did so because twitter was becoming quite an extremist toxic environment. There's also the whole centralization and censoring issues with platforma like that.

I have witnessed people criticizing (not debating) each other here in for a flexible opinion on private companies and capitalism as a whole. This sounds like extremism to me from the other side of the spectrum.

@gadonias Hi 👋

An interesting point of view and nicely written! Although I personally would not agree with all points.

While I likewise consider the increasing blocking by admins (of larger instances (perceived as "public space")) to be a rather harmful development ... I believe that this practice, at least in some cases, is a consequence of an unfavorable legal framework.

Being liable for third party content certainly has an impact on the willingness to tolerate controversial opinions.

@openscience Hi, thanks for your comment. To be completely honest, I was unaware of this legal liability issue. This is a major problem!

Would you know if this is legislation from a specific country or most of them act in a similar way?

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