For those interested in leaving Apple and Google, and reconquer their privacy, the first beta of /e/ is here for download and testing! Happy flashing.


@gael Telegram is a bad idea, and not exactly privacy respecting. They should preinstall a fediverse app, like Tusky.

@bob you probably wanted to say « *I think that* Telegram is a bad idea » ^^

@bob @gael And the "secret chat" crypto utterly sucks, BUT they are using Signal as the default "Messenger" app.

@gael I don't understand any of that. It's a fork of Lineage, but how does it improve anything? This is arguably worse for people's privacy: " the SMS app is Signal, the chat application is Telegram"

@raucao @gael

>signal is downloaded from apkpure, with gcm so all notifications go though google's servers

and a thousand more arguments I could give you why #e is bad

@gael you are encouraged to create an /e/ account? I'm wondering if you just swap one privacy drama for another?

Of course everyone values your privacy ....

@gael I wanna test it, but I'm too scared of ruining my phone, sooo :blobsweats:

@gael Great work! What's the difference with LineageOS?

@gael yet another no-google lineage fork, goals to control default user environment with custom forks of some software and flawed 'secure' apps.

I feel that the effort would have been better spent making direct contributions to lineage as a non divergent flavor rather than seemingly reinvent the wheel

@Thndr probably Ubuntu reveived tons of similar messages at their beginings. Thank you however to tell what I should do and what would be good to do, the universal way.

@gael I really love the approach and especially the overall vision that is not just limited to technology. However, I wonder whether this also might need an approach to dealing with users who have a history of (paid?) apps in Google Play and hesitate leaving Google behind not mainly because of Google but because of losing access to these apps once they gave up on Play Store?

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