/e/ mobile OS/Oreo is coming!
Here on the excellent Xiaomi Mi A1 ("tissot")😋

@gael Hello.

I have a question since some time: what is the difference with #LineageOS?

Both of them looks to be base on #AOSP.

Maybe a first entry in the FAQ?


@DaD @gael i've been reading up on looks like they are actually going to try to replace Google Apps (GAPPS) with Micro G, their own implementation of the GAPPS.

@tootbrute it could be a great thing for @gael and /e/ in general to respond to messages like:

This little web page seems to be here only against /e/ and what it says is very frightening.

#e #mydataisMYdata #efoundation #privacy #Android

@v0idifier @gael well that doesn't sound good.

I had high hopes for them.

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