Want to work for the /e/ project?
=> I'm recruiting a sysadmin/devops 👨‍🦰👩‍🦰💻👾💪
Remote is OK. or PM me

@gael J'aimerais tellement.. mais j'ai pas les compétences

@gael Cool, that's exactly the job I'm looking for. Will send you an email soon :)

@gael I'd just be happy if you answered my question about writing apps on your platform

@frak @gael what do you mean with platform?
/e/ OS is just lineage and therefor android.
Nothing special about it in this area

@BO41 That was all I was asking, if it could just use the usual toolchain. Thanks for that. Now, a slightly different question: how can I contribute/get source access to the built in system apps?

@frak the normal system apps are in the google android aosp. But I don't know if they accept help.

The apps provided by /e/ should be available via their gitlab. But I haven't seen the link for this yet.
Should come soon.

Otherwise, you could contribute to the source app they build on. For example their mail app is just a fork of "k-9 mail". So contribution to this project helps /e/

@BO41 right, nice one - thank you for taking the time to answer

@61 helpfully answered by someone else, thank you

In that case, the answer being? 😜

Vielen Dank! Sorry I didn't think of opening the thread in the browser. I only had an incomplete thread on my local instance.

@gael Salut! des besoins particuliers en compétences dans l'infra? full open-source?

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