iPhone and Android smartphones are sending a lot our personal data to Google. Happy New Year 2019! Let it be the year of our data recovery!

Résolution 2019 : passer au librem5 quand il sera sorti...

@gael Reading about this great project I see that you want to install as one of the stores. Well, check the app and you'll find many trackers from Google and Facebook.

I think it was in the forum or a link in the Spanish forum, I don't remember now but it was from your website. If that' s not true then great!

@gael It says: "Google Play será sustituida por F-Droid y APKPure, aunque querría tener una “Eelo Store” oficial." It's wrong then.

@gael connecting to a server owned by the OS developer does not mean your privacy has been compromised or any personal data has been shared.
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