How private/secure is your messaging app?
A quite comprehensive comparison is available at:

Based on this table, I believe the world secure should be placed between inverted commas...

@gael I think this table is missing the option of XMPP+OMEMO.

@barszczyk XMPP (aka Jabber) is an open source IM protocol. OMEMO is an extension to XMPP which offers end to end encryption in a manner similar to Signal. An example Android app which uses it is called Conversations.

It is fully decentralised and federated. Not like other instant messaging networks .

@gael / the desktop

Clients for Tox seemed good to me, not sure about reliability of the audio/video chats, which i didn't try. Heard that for phones, it takes a bit of CPU, draining the battery?

Tox is decentralized of course,(uses a DHT on (hashes of)public keys, i think) barring concerns about bootstraps, that makes a bunch green.

@gael wonder if mastodon clients should add a little addition where they can encrypt toots to people who also use mastodon clients with that feature, and automatically delete the toots when it is across...

Not sure if that somehow abuses the system, or how to detect that people support that feature. It only accepts correct images/etc too, right? i.e. non encrypted, barring (which is friggin' sourceforge, though..)

@gael if doing that probably better to add other messaging systems, and try get the handle of that instead. (can only insert four data fields into your account though)

Is there a reliable and stable client of Tox for android? Especially for the LineageOS version? I once tested Tox on Windows and it didn't seem to work at all or at least malfunction...

@gael doesn't seem quite right. Telegram is definitely not in the US jurisdiction. AFAIK they have datacenters in Amsterdam and Singapore, employees in SAE and Finland and one of their legal entities in the UK.

@gael there is no info on whether the code is open source, though.

#slack is not messaging app but can be used in messaging way, will be nice to see how it fit that table

@gael Nice compilation. EFF had something similar, but removed it due to comparison complexity.

@gael Nice find, thanks! We're discussing about secure messaging apps for (the discussion is here, I'm trying to steer them away from Whatsapp)

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