I have now completely moved from my to a smartphone with /e/. I must say that I'm terribly happy and proud to work with such a great team!
Appart some glitches/missing things all working fine! And UX better than



Moi aussi je bascule "en prod" sur /e/ ce ouiquènede. Mais pas depuis un iBidule quand même. :D

@gael for a second I thought this was and I was all "whoa, they did it, enlightenment phone"

but it's android :-\

@gael Good job ! 👍 Perso, Telegram et Flipboard, très dispensables, jamais chez moi. Ca reste mon avis. Après, je repecte les goûts de chacun, un Silence, Signal et un FreshRSS, je préfère perso.

Hello, sounds nice. Is there any Google or facebook APP preinstalled? Where do the apps come from? At the homepage it looks like telegram is preinstalled, is that correct? Thanks in advance.

I presume the answer is "no". The source is more likely to be #Fdroid 😉

@gael Oups, Le Figaro en tâche de fond ! Tu devrais mieux protéger ta vie privée ! 😄😉

@gael bravo Gaël, très bel avancement. J’ai hâte de tester tout ça, va falloir que je change de téléphone du coup. Tu as pris quoi comme smartphone, par curiosité ?

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