To our /e/ users: we are going to migrate /e/ drive and mail services to new servers later this week or next week. Due to DNS change, several services may be unavailable for several hours.
Users are encouraged to subscribe to our announcement channel at:

@gael Telegram is a walled garden. Can't even read it without having an account tied to the phone number.

@gael Well, my account name has nothing to do with the Wire messenger.

I mean, /e/ pre-installs #Telegram and uses it as a primary announcements medium, up to the point that you are linking to the announcements Telegram channel instead of some Mastodon account in the Mastodon network.

@wire you all be pleased to know that most default apps can be uninstalled in a near future

@gael @wire Of course you do! Do you have any actual criticism?


@void @wire all information about our project is public, facts can be verified. After that, people can hide behind their screens and try to propagate lies. I don't have time to play that game

@void @wire you can believe to fake news, that's your choice. However haters remain haters and I have no time for hate, life is too short. Good evening.

@gael @wire It's not fake news, there's proof for every statement on the article. Good afternoon

@gael @wire "hide behind their screens" are you saying anonymity is bad?

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