Should /e/OS drop @telegram and @signalapp as preinstalled apps in favor of the universal and E2E-encrypted Instant Messaging application @delta_chat?
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@gael should be drop /e/OS entirely for simply being LineageOS for MicroG but with deceptive marketing and a different branding slapped on top?

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@succfemboi You should really do this if you are not interested in what we are doing which is described at:
You know, this is really simple: we are building something, then people choose to use it or not. That's freedom and I'm super confortable with this.

@gael You're just raising money by selling an already existing project which is already usable as your own brand. It's not building, it's more of leeching

@succfemboi Ah you are THE guy ^^ At some stage I wish you can unlock from your deadly logic.


why not just contribute to LineageOS for MicroG directly?
That pointless fork only fragments development
@gael freedom to decieve people in thinking /e/ has developed it from the ground up?

@succfemboi It's very clear on our website that we're forking LineageOS and probably we will eventually fork AOSP directly as we go bigger.
However, please look at what we are doing. We have a consistent description of the /e/OS online. If you keep thinking it's just LOS+microG, I cannot do more for you.
/e/ is not for most LOS users, we have different goals.

Hi. I would like to second Gael on his points. I'm a Lineage + MicroG user and I think it's great if the project gets more accessible to non technical people. I had to dig into the MicroG framework to set it up correctly. I will be sticking to this setup for now but will keep an eye on e.

@noodleman However they seem to already struggle with regularly syncing their fork with upstream LineageOS, which provides /e/-users a build that is sometimes months out of date. I wonder how that will develop when they fork from AOSP directly.

However I do see that /e/ is different from LOS+MicroG by claiming it to be Google-free (even though it does connect to Google with microG) and bundling it with questionable apps that either use an a selfmade and insecure protocol for encryption like Telegram or requires Google Services to properly function like Signal for example.

@gael @hellpie

@gael so basically not only apps are preinstalled but they also fork various services and slap their own branding on top of it as well while using an outdated base

@noodleman @hellpie

@succfemboi @noodleman Your rubbish, as usual...

@gael @succfemboi @noodleman

#/e/ is a fork. It looks to me like #Ubuntu forking #Debian to push forward useability for beginners while heavily relying on Debian work underneath.

Whether fork is good or not is debatable (/e/ provides a lot of integration with its services that would not fit in LineageOS) for innovation.

The re-branding of existing projects is more problematic to me.

#Librem does this too 😠

@tuxicoman but Ubuntu is never that out of date as compared to /e/ . Canonical doesn't rebrand apt, deja-dup or their other preinstalled apps while keeping those versions fairly recent on Ubuntu @noodleman @gael
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