Encore combien de temps avant de pouvoir passer commande ?

@gael So is /e/ just a rebranded Lineage install? If so, the phone is pretty worthless without installed. I wish we had more choices.

@gael I really like the idea behind the e.foundation.

However I don't get why, being a privacy focused operation, they include 3rd party sources on their website (jsdelivr).

What 3rd party servers are contacted by their OS?

Is there any main difference / changes between eOS Android 7 and eOS Android 9?

@gael too expensive. For example S7 cost $100, but "ungoogled" is 279€ and not new, but refurbished. This startup is dead

@imacrea @anxhelo @gael the problem with this project is that it gives a false sense of security. the rom is very unsafe, worse than a normal lineage OS. the only advantages can be gotten with Lineage MicroG (the fork) and it's a lot more lightweight. and they got 200k eur for it. then they have cloud services which are hosted on a sketchy provider unencrypted, it's horrible. and then they act all shitty about it.

@imacrea @anxhelo @gael I'm not using much energy "trolling" the project compared to how much energy the developers that made this software used on building it (Ex. Jelly developer contacted me and told me he agrees with this), the rom builders spent building it, and the money invested in it. they are not properly crediting the original developers so it's very questionable how much "forking" that is.

@v0idifier @anxhelo @gael What you say concerning security is very preoccupying in deed.. if it is working as you say. But how do you know about their cloud infrastructure? Also they say they will open source the server so we can host it ourselves or other ethical hosters could provide the service.

@imacrea @anxhelo @gael their cloud services, at least right now are already available stuff like nextcloud.

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