@gael /e/OS seems to be nonfree.

I don't like how all this privacy focused information in the public eye is neglecting freedom. For example, we have people recommending iOS over Android because of their supposed privacy advantages, but you need freedom for the privacy to be useful.

@masterofthetiger Though the main purpose of /e/OS is ungoogling and bringing more privacy to mobile users, it is also open source gitlab.e.foundation

@gael You can sell more. But payment not over paypal. I want to use my credit card, but there is no option to do this. Not good...

@gael it does not work for me. payment process will allways be taken over paypal. in this case i cannot proceed

@ortsvorsteher is it what you cet when you click on pays by debit or credit card? Can you tell me about your browser? You can contact me at gael@e.email

and one of them is for me 😎
shipment expected on Monday -
the shopping experience was ok - but I was forced to open a paypal account in order to pay. 😞

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