Just installed @elementary on new laptop. I must say it's far closer to what I'm expecting from a desktop OS than Ubuntu! At least no purple backgrounds and icons look better.
However my feeling is that if was 25 now I would still probably start a new Linux distro 😅

@gael @elementary Been pretty happy with it since, I´ve tried distro-hopping to other distro like Solus, Arch, Manjaro and even SteamOS at one time. But i always came back to it... Like right now !

@gael Gaël Duval… Ah, mais c’est le papa de Mandrake et Mandriva ? Enchanté ! o/

That's a typical statement for an Apple guy. If you like the icons, backgrounds, and all cosmetics, you will find them for a lot of others distros too. From my side of view, elementaryOS is far a way from a good working distro. Ubuntu us overloaded, everyone knows, but there are smaler Ubuntu derivate on marked.

@JoJo @elementary I'm not an Apple guy. I've been using mostly Linux on the desktop over the past 20 years, and there are plenty of things I don't like in the MacOS UI, starting with the window manager behaviour.
There are some basics in term of UI design and UX expectations (especially in 2019!), that seem to be totally ignored in many Linux distros. Not surprising most of the time since a good dev is generally not a UX designer. More surprising for Ubuntu as leading desktop OS.

Your are an apple guy. That's the reason you have developed this f...cking BlissLauncher and the other reason I have written before.
Nice looking icons are and fine designed desktops are not the essential things. A OS must be fast and secure. And i never have seen a fast OS with good looking icons and animations and so on

@JoJo @elementary Regarding the UI, call me a NeXTStep guy, definitely NOT an Apple guy 😀 I actually always disliked MacOS in term of UI, though it improved a bit with MacOS X. And CLI rules.

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