Did anybody already try to use a smartwatch connected to an /e/OS smartphone?
What are the best ones?
How is it privacy-respectful?
Any suggestion?

@gael Not yet, but a very interesting project. When I'll change my watch, I'll take a compatible one.

@gael No, but AsteroidOS looks promising and growing device support.

@perflyst @gael Oh I've heard of them before. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

@gael Yeah, I tried it on my LG Urbane since I'd given up on Android Wear. It works pretty well, but overall it wasn't quite enough to get me using a smart watch again. I hope to have the time and motivation to make a watch face for it that I'll find compelling one of these days.

@freakazoid @gael

Same thing for me, the project seems to be abandoned since the 1.0 release.
Maybe the main (and only?) developer can't continue, but it was a very promising project!

@tradjincal @gael yeah it's pretty impressive but not super usable

I bought a used LG Watch to try it but it wasn't quite up to my needs sadly.

After my has died I have not found a watch that's functional AND keeps my privacy. :-(

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