Despite a persistent legend, the Chromium web browser is strongly tight with many Google services, and thus is *NOT* ungoogled.
In /e/OS we are using a fully ungoogled Chromium web browser.
On Linux, Mac and Windows, you can use "ungoogled- chromium":

@gael Yeah what about when they implement Manifest v3?

I wonder if anyone is working on an ungooged Chromium for Android.

I guess the various Chromium-based Firefoxes count as close enough.
@desikn Nice. Also cool:

> This build is built from Sylvain Beucler's libre Android rebuilds instead of SDK/NDK binaries from Google.

Didn't know about those either.

It says it's alpha status. I hope it shows up on F-Droid at some point.
I should finish reading pages before I get all excited. 😀

> I have set up an experimental f-droid repository.

@clacke I was just about to answer that but you corrected yourself. 😌

@GeekDaddy Not maintained at the moment on Android (will probably change), need a fast webview for PWAs

@gael @GeekDaddy Of course it is maintained. That is a very wrong claim.

They just are switching to Firefox Preview at the moment and that takes work. It's still maintained.

Also Firefox Preview should be fast.

@rugk @GeekDaddy Maybe the status has changed but a few months ago it was said it would be on hold until GeckoView was ready (found this link about it Glad if it's back. If geckoview is fast enough we will probably put it as default in /e/OS.

@gael @rugk @GeekDaddy I was going to say that hey, f-droid received a new Fennec the other day, but apparently that was just a 68.1, two months after 68.0.

On the other hand that's still a life sign.

@clacke @gael @GeekDaddy It was never "back". And it still is on hold, and only receives minor/security updates.

As said, they focus on the new Firefox, but obviously the old one is and always was maintained, until the new one can completely replace the old one.

That's exactly what I was wondering.

Also, we need /e/ on more phone. I use LineageOS for microG on my Xiaomi Mi8 in the meantime. I have some spare Xiaomi phone that I can use to test /e/, but none are listed 😅

I know, sadly I don't have the coding skill to do it, so I hope someone will make more ROM for Xiaomi product.

Hi @gael

Any familiarity with ? That's been my preferred Chromium-ish browser lately.

Same/different? Better? Worse?


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