This is something I didn't talk about yet, but you can expect /e/OS on
@PINE64 in a near future.

Then will probably have a version for Olimex @olimex laptops, and then /e/OS for

@gael @PINE64 @olimex Well, I think the opposite is algo right: making GNU/Linux work in smartphones (not android or iOS).

@seguridad @PINE64 @olimex Sure. But /e/ is targeted to users who want Android apps.

@gael @PINE64 @olimex 👍 Maybe only an idea for another project if you want to do it some time.

@gael @PINE64 @olimex

But /e/ is a mobile OS. How's that gonna work with Pinebook?

@rancicivan @gael @PINE64 @olimex
/e/ is Android and basically it works fine in notebook format.

@usul @rancicivan @gael @PINE64 @olimex Absolutely - but pinebook is competing directly with chromebook, unlike purism.


@usul @gael @PINE64 @olimex

Sounds good! And deleted for misusage ;)

Hi! Sounds good! And how can I get some informations relative to the purity of /e/ and the way you organize to keep this in your DNA (so eternally) even if you grow massively? A link for a rtfm will be reaally appreciated :)

@PINE64 @olimex

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