Thanks you for this review of /e/ OS UptoDown blog!

"How to install /e/ on Android and not rely on Google services"

Thank you @gael for all your hard work on /e/. For years I have been looking for a private and secure OS that just works and this is the closest thing I’ve found to it. Keep up the rad work!!

Finally found a working and well supported ROM for a old #GalaxyNote2 #n7100 (#t03g) which is not supported by LineageOS: the /e/ project. Kudos to @gael. Good thing is it comes with #Aurora store and #microG preinstalled. No bugs so far.

The only enhancements that I had to manually was: install SuperSU, #fdroid with privileged extension, install #Yalp store as Aurora does not display regional apps (?)

@ashwinvis We don't ship Aurora store at all but happy that you found us!

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