Ever heard of the Hisense A5?
It's not using Google services, and has an e-ink B&W screen. It's different from any other smartphone you have ever used, a slower and singular experience on the smartphone. by @ploum

@gael @ploum That actually looks pretty nice. I recently did stumble upon the lightphone 2 and the Mudita Pure as a replacement candidate for my defective phone, but these seemed to bare for my needs/wants. I want to use my phone as a kind of digital swiss army knife. Like taking photos and using GPS. As far as I understood from the google translated (Yay! ;-) ) page this is (probably) possible with this phone...

@gael @ploum It's been making small waves among the k1 eink phone users groups... the experience looks pretty similar. Good to see another company taking up the banner on these type of devices.

@feonixrift @gael : I've heard that the kingrow experxence was a disaster (on the good-ereader blog if I remember correctly)

@ploum @gael It's been exceedingly variable depending on user expectations and skill level. I am satisfied with mine, but some are definitely hitting the resale market.

@feonixrift @gael : would be interesting to compare the K1 with the A5

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