Let's make remote-work easier for everyone during these difficult times! We have set up a videoconferencing service based on , on a EU-based server with good connectivity.
It's open to everyone and offers all guarantees in term of
Stay safe!

Very kind of you. I hope people use it. (I don't need it at the moment.) My daughter is working from home, company sent her home last week. (She's already set up through the firm.)
Just wondering: the videoconferencing via Jitsi doesn't save the video afterwards, does it? Thanks again.

@gael Thank you, but unfortunately, the connection to times out for me.

@bastiansenst @gael
I can confirm. I just tried to click on the link and got a timeout too.

@Gnudesforets @bastiansenst @booteille Yes, we are still working on improving it. Should be better soon.

@mmu_man can you add us to this document? (and possibly state that we did an unGoogling work for this service...)

@gael you can do it yourself for the first one…

As for the other one, poke @ChatonsOrg 😉

@gael @ChatonsOrg I went ahead and created an account on the wiki to add it. 😃

Un énorme "bonsoir", @mmu_man, @gael et @ChatonsOrg ! (j'ose espérer que personne ne me trucidera pour en ëtre revenu á la langue de René Riesel ;-) ).

Merci beaucoup de travailler sur cette plateforme de visioconférence respectueuse de notre vie privée, j'en aurai indéniablement l'usage !

Sauriez-vous, par ailleurs, s'il existe un équivalent de "Google Classroom" libre et protecteur de nos données ?

@ChatonsOrg @ijatz_La_Hojita @gael j'ai aussi entendu parler de récemment, je sais pas si ça conviendrait.

@mmu_man @ijatz_La_Hojita @gael #BigBlueButton est un outil de webinaire assez complet mais il existe très peu d'instances publiques à ce jour...

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