So today we announce that thanks to a partnership with @Fairphone we have been able to port /e/OS to the Fairphone 3, and that we can now sell /e/-Fairphone 3 in the EU!
The OS on the smarpthone!

@gael @Fairphone if this was in the USA I'd buy it in an instant :(

@gael @Fairphone nice one! I'm posting this toot from my Fairphone, hoping to flash this soon 🎉

@gael @Fairphone

Good news 😀
Thanks the work that's been done to make this possible!

Thank you !
Impatient to try it on my FP3.
Do you need a noob testing it ?

@gael @Fairphone
Super nouvelle !! 👍 Et pour un partenariat avec Pine64 ? C'est en bonne voie ?

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