To users: you can lose all your Google accounts if Google decides so. There won't be any trial, and no option for appeal.

That's privately-held fascism in some way.

@gael Presumbably if he had paid for some storage he should be able to contact Google via GoogleOne. Was this not available or had he only used their free tier?

@gael 'Soft fascism' possibly. In association with the 'hard fascism' (leading to brutal fascism) which people are allowing to be introduced around the world presently in the name of 'risk, safety and security'.

Indeed, Google is one manifestation of #fascism. One of the primaries definitions of #fascism is the melding of govt and big business.

Get this. Over the past few years, in #Australia our govt gave #LandTitle registration to the banks, for 30-40 years! We are calling for those Treasurers to be imprisoned for #treason.

#corporatism #neoliberalism #corporateState

@gael Using Gmail for you email is lunacy. In an instant they can decide to remove your access to all your correspondences and effectively make you disappear. Given that email is the original "federated" network there is really no logical reason to use another provider

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