Great news today!

A brand-new /e/-smartphone is available: we have worked with Gigaset in Germany to bring the /e/-GS290 to the market!

Ready to protect your data and deGoogle your life with a smartphone ?

Orders are open at:

@gael my banking app available only in Play Store and not working if I install it from external source. So many of service unavailable without Google :(

@silmathoron @gael in Hungary many banking app working with this method. Example Erste bank not working on Fairphone /e/OS.

But can't you use Aurora Store (available from F-droid) to install your banking app? This should exactly equivalent to installing it from the PlayStore... did you try it? I'm not sure whether you meant tou cannot install it or whether you installed it but it doesn't work

@silmathoron @gael push not working without Google, so authentications cannot be performed if installed this app from other repository (or direct from APK).

But enabling push is exactly one of the features of MicroG... My banking apps also require it, they don't work without MicroG but work fine with it. Are you really having this problem on /e/ or are you using another OS, maybe without MicroG installed?

@gael On my to-do list for the winter holiday: Install /e/ on an Essential phone.

@gael In case you also want to sell to dummies like me: why is an USB-A charger an accessory to an USB-C phone?

I am on your waiting list for a second hand *small* /e/ phone since summer. Any plans to sell new small phones, rather than these half-tablets?

@gael wooow where's the catch?? How can this phone can be built in Germany while remaining that cheap? That seems awesome! :o

@gael Apart from that, is there any roadmap for "newer" /e/ releases on "older" devices (such as the Moto G 2015 osprey)? I'd really love to use /e/ on that device but falling back from Lineage 17.1 / Android 10 to something Nougat based is a step too big to take, the device only really became usable with Android > 8.

@gael On the homepage: From which version of Android is /e/ forked?

Android 7 (Nougat)/LOS14 (/e/-0.x-N branch)
Android 8 (Oreo)/LOS 15 (/e/-0.x-O branch).
Android 9 (Pie)/LOS 16 (/e/-0.x-P” branch).

@gael That’s encouraging to see a more affordable eOS phone become available.

@pthenq1 esto es lo que necesito urgente, android sin Google. 😜


Yo tengo Android sin las aplicaciones ni servicios de Google. Pero tuve que hacer un montón de maniobras complicadas para rootearlo primero (tuve que hacer un downgrade) y luego desinstalar toda la basura que viene por defecto, verificar uno por uno los servicios, etc, etc, etc...
No logré instalar otra ROM que funcione en el celular, pero, bueno, al menos me deshice de toda la mugre de la G.


@firulais @fede nuuuu mucho trabajo!

Prefiero mirar que hay en el mercado. Hay un fono por u$s150 que viene con linux y todo ya de fáburoca, no es el /e/

Es otro que pegué en mastodon. Pero por ahora estoy desbordado así que no compro nada.

@pthenq1 @firulais

Sí, es un pijazo... Pero, bueno... El teléfono lo recibí como descarte (como todos los teléfonos que he tenido) y la experiencia parecía interesante.

@fede @firulais como hobby es lo más. Pero mi fono productivo lo quiero funcionando. Sin google si se puede, sino luego.

No puedo formar parte de los pioneros en este tema..

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