We're in the process to backport VoLTE support to /e/OS on Samsung Galaxy S9 (Exynos). We're looking for strong expertise here.

If you know some true experts in the VoLTE support field, please get in touch! (mailto:

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@gael hi. This will be your chance, to give something back to lineageOS. Some developers are really mad about missing credits and upstream contribution.

@Winterstar @Kurt We don't have the same roadmap as LOS actually. We did port to FP3 and Gigaset GS290 for instance. And we will continue tu support some devices even if LOS drops them

@gael @Winterstar work of lineageOS device maintainers is back porting kernel patches. Here I see a good starting point. Even if S9 doesn't get back official status back, sources should remain buildable and updated.

@Kurt I'm not sure anybody at LOS want that we contribute anything upstream, or maybe I missed something.

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