Just found 3 little misprints:

«The “Google Play Services” layer offers applications a number of services to applications.»


«[...] DoH (DNS over http)»
DoH is actually DNS over HTTPS.

and last one:

«The Android anti-fragmentation agreement [...] prohibits smartphone manufacturers from offering non-Google Android smartphones as long as they already sell non-Google Android smartphones.»
maybe you meant "as long as they already sell Google Android smartphones"?

@voxit maybe I should push this to github to make fixes and improvements easier

Pourqoui sur Github et non sur Gitlab, qui est open source? 🤔


Very nice reading, thank you a lot )
I would like to add my 5cents. It is not very clear which "feature" is related only to Android OS, or to <b>Google</b> Android in the paragraph under the title "What we found in the Android operating system"

@vasia Google Android is the version of Android that ships in most smartphones, with Google Play Services and all the Google sauce. I'll try to explain this in the article, thanks

Ok, I see the difference between AOSP and Google Android, and your article briefly describe it. But what I meant, e.g., whether Google's DNS servers are hardcoded in either Android/AOSP, or Google Android; or e.g. is google's Network Location Provider available only in Google Android or in AOSP as well. In some points (unordered list) it clearly states that the "feature" belongs to AOSP, but for some others it is difficult to separate.

@vasia in the case of DNS they are hardcoded in Android source code

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