@gael sounds nice :)
Since I'm not 100% familiar with /e/, I'm wondering whether some of this developments will be worked on upstream, on Lineage, or whether /e/ is now a completely independent fork, could you enlighten me on that?
I'd also be very happy to know more about the /e/ app store: is it open-source, will it be available on F-droid to enable as many people as possible to ditch the PlayStore?

@silmathoron There is no much we can contribute upstream to Lineage. They have their roadmap, we have ours and I don't think they want to see what we do in LineageOS. However they are free to take some pieces if they want. It's also possible that /e/ becomes a hard fork by the end of the year or in 2022. Regarding the /e/ app store, it's available on our Gitlab instance, we have no plan to push it to FDroid because there are many higher priorities, but anyone is welcome to do so.

@gael thanks for the quick reply, good to know!
Regarding the app store, I guess that would be this one, then? gitlab.e.foundation/e/apps/app

Sorry, forgot to ask last time: would the apk for Apps be directly downloadable somewhere?

@silmathoron @gael There is also Aurora Store if you need a PlayStore replacement available on #Fdroid ;)

@Arco @silmathoron Yes but we won't include it in /e/OS because it infringes Google Play's Terms of Services. Too risky for us.

@gael @silmathoron The same problem is also concerning CleanAPK. This CleanAPK project seams like a project run by /e/ secretly/anonymously to be able to propose apps from the PlayStore without being held responsible. Am I totaly wrong on this topic?

@Arco @silmathoron CleanAPK is not part of the /e/ project. We're using it as a convenient service to offer access to many Android apps to /e/ users

@Arco @gael yes, I know, but while I'm OK with it being a bit glitchy and not always working, my friends and relatives want something that "just works"

@silmathoron @Arco Yes I know that. It's even available through the /e/ Apps installer ^^


#safetynet developer.android.com/training is described as a mechanism to protect dev against fake phones, not ot protect end users. Am I right?

I do agree that is a kind of DRM for Android with Google services installed.

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