@gael Taking the opportunity to ask about open source alternatives... I know #jitsi, which works well for me, and I have seen that #matrix has some video service as well (that I never tried). Do you have an opinion?

Note that currently matrix conferencing widget is actually just embedded Jitsi.

As for other alternatives, I've had a good experience with BigBlueButton (but you have to self host) and if installing client software is not an issue, you may try Tox, Jami, or Linphone though the user experience may not be as smooth.


@Naughtylus @jonasvautherin we use Jitsi and Whereby for internal projects, also considering Next cloud talk.

@gael you know, at this point I'm like "dude, if you still use proprietary solutions it's your fault. Don't even complain. Don't even do class actions! What do you expect? The business model is super clear. Plenty of open source alternatives available. Your choice man!"


Most telling quote:

"In reality, 'Zoom did not provide end-to-end encryption for any Zoom Meeting that was conducted outside of Zoom's 'Connecter' product (which are hosted on a customer's own servers), because Zoom's servers—including some located in China—maintain the cryptographic keys that would allow Zoom to access the content of its customers' Zoom Meetings,' the FTC said."

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