Anyone have experience growing ? They're not meant to be spicy (well maybe 1 in 20), but I bought some seeds from a garden stall in Barcelona that seem to almost exclusively hot chillies. They're also more... balloon shaped? Than the padron plant I received from a fellow gardener (which also is not spicy). They look kind of like halfway between padrons and habaneros... any ideas what might be going on?

I found this article and I didn't know that there could be heat problems with peppers.

I grow my own indoors with a lot of sun exposure and water them twice a day - they are hot:]

Chili Peppers Not Hot – How To Get Hot Chili Peppers

@LOCONTO Hmm, the problem is I'm kinda looking for the opposite - my chillies *shouldn't* be hot, but are 😅

This will help with my serranos though; which were basically skinny bell peppers last year! 😂

@gaffen ewh*, ok ! 😅
According to that paper, they may be too well in your garden tho :blobmiou:

@gaffen it's also maybe a matter of cross pollination.

Do you havr hot peppers nearby ?

@LOCONTO No, they're the only peppers I have apart from a single serrano plant; everything else is veggies and herbs... 🤔



It's in spanish but it's the most scientific answer I've found so far!

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