@alice_swaggen, Vixx and myself went and checked out the Wild Cat Wilderness community garden in on Saturday and I was thoroughly impressed. Six acres of community run gardening!

I had no idea something like this existed so nearby; I hope to visit again soon! It gives me hope for encouraging self-sustaining community projects in the city. 😍

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@gaffen @alice_swaggen That is really cool - 6 acres! There are a number of community gardens here in Portland but I'm not sure any of them are that large. I know @whoisgina has a space in one of them and they donate a lot of the community grown food to local places in need.

@krisfreedain @alice_swaggen @whoisgina That's really cool! I'm not sure what happens with the proceeds from Wild Cats just yet; I've only just found out about them. It's really awesome finding out about these projects though! It's the most excited I've been about something happening in the city for quite a while! πŸ˜„

I think gardening could play an important role in bringing people together if done properly πŸ€”

I'm pretty new to all of this though, I'm sure other people are already doing this!

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