Still not finished enough for my liking, but much happier with the results. First sketch with a micron and I'm looooving it!

Thanks to all who gave positive feedback over the month of October for my efforts!

Despite whatever level of finish/professionalism may be perceived by viewers in my drawings, I still have pretty crippling confidence issues when it comes to creating. Quite often it still takes me significantly longer to build up the confidence to actually start drawing than it does for me to complete the work itself.

So thanks for the positive reinforcement 👍

Yeah, still gotta work on those proportions. Might take some extra time out soon to do a bunch of quick face sketches in the same day.

I was informed I wasn't drawing big enough. Well I tried larger but I'm not sure it really worked...

My proportions still need a lot of work, but I guess this is the advantage of short sketches.

My first entry.

Not great, not terrible. Need to get better at roughing in important shapes.

Day 31: Ripe

Late and a little uninspired, but I finished!

Am slightly hungover; I ended up going to a pretty crazy party. I had initially planned on finishing this and no. 30 on the 30th but things didn’t really pan out.

It’s over 🎉🎉

Will create a collage of all entries tomorrow, as I remember I had a request for that 🙂

Day 30: Catch

Rushed this one slightly but happy with the results!

Last drawing needs inking but will have to be posted tomorrow because of Halloween stuff :((

Day 29: Injured

O no, snek got boo boo 🐍🤕😭

An ink drawing of a Rod of Asclepius; a stick with a snake wrapped around it. The snake is shedding a single tear and has a bandaged head.

Oooooooft, nearly finished. Posting this was delayed as I’ve been working on my halloween costume.

Day 28: Ride

I spent a bit too long agonising over an idea and not wanting to draw a person... Then I drew a person lol.

Slightly late but very happy!

Day 26: Dark

I'm fairly happy with this... Trying to convey "darkness" by emphasizing the dark part of a mostly white composition. I wonder if I still used too much detail... 🤔🤔🤔

Day 25: Tasty

We actually went up to Manchester for my wife’s cousin’s birthday; this was the cake we made when he got there!

This one was fun, and I got to play with my new pentel brush pen

Day 24: Dizzy

I don't really know really, just something I improvised.

Whilst not my proudest work, this felt like a nice, manageable way to respond to the brief without expending too much time and effort. I’m Fairly happy with it.

Day 23: Ancient. An ink drawing of the front view of a T-Rex skull

I’ve been away in Manchester, this ended up being drawn on Saturday morning as I had a nightmarish journey up!

I had a lovely time. I thought it was a really fantastic city… Less crushed under the boot heel of gentrification than London; or at least that’s how it felt. More vibrant, more alive. More representative of the people who actually lived there.

Day 21: Treasure

Ok this one really was lazy, but at least I've caught up.

I found the treasure of Big Whoop™️ and all I got was this lousy drawing 😅

Day 20: Tread

I really do like drawing in perspective, I think it’s a crutch I like to lean on as it’s a style of drawing that has very clearly defined rules. It takes some of the thinking work out of drawing for me.

Pretty happy with this one.

Day 19: Sling

A hammock

Mostly drawn from imagination, I don’t think it came out too badly for a rush job.

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