american dentist: you didn't floss? you fool. you absolute imbecile. you will never understand the horrors you have unleashed.

british dentist: it's fine, no one really flosses, just try to do it a bit more ok

not every day you put on a random tv show and see your downstairs neighbor in it I guess!

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think I just discovered that my downstairs neighbor is a famous actor

Today, I've decided to be lazy. It feels great.

It's leg day. Not really relevant, no connection there at all.

too tired to play video games, not tired enough to sleep

3.5 of my work hours today were sitting in meetings,,,

blogging, fitness, self-promotion 

How to start running, especially if you're a meathead with no experience - some tips and tricks I've picked up over the years.

I now periodically get facebook message sounds without any corresponding messages, thanks I hate it

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