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my aunt/uncle were real estate agents who were doing well for themselves (before 2009) so they owned a cabin out there

Ozark continues to be a goofy/fun show about the place I vacationed at as a kid

me: h---

british person: absolutely knackered that I can't ballywag the wong-nogger, ya know mate? cheers

I'm behind on adding everyone's bofa variants to my carefully curated lists

*slaps roof of balls* these bad boys can fit so much pee in them

Anybody snatching up AlexJones@social yet

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working hard today, doing the lord's good work

In the early days of Mastodon someone would just post "Awoo" and then because the local/fed timeline was so small a bunch of other people would post "Awoo" until pretty much the entire active userbase was awooing at once.

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the constant resignification of jesse/james into gay icons is That Pokemon Shit I Live For

these two are the embodiment of "be gay do crimes"

the gym has installed pay as you go massage chairs, which, is a good idea

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