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Mien impact breccia. Beautiful brecciated rock from an ancient meteorite impact crater in southern Sweden (Mien Lake). Contains a mix of native rock and impact-shock minerals which display flow features. Big polished slab that has been professionally prepared. Available at Galactic Stone & Ironworks.

Have a little bit of time to kill. So...


100% truthful replies that may be deleted afterwards. LOL.

Just restocked my supplies of the following meteorite micromounts : Millbillillie, Katol, Holbrook, and Tatahouine. Bigger fragments, some with crust. Also NWA 1232 (CO3) and NWA 6963 Martian shergottite (Mars Rocks).

Does anyone else have trouble using with an external monitor via HDMI?

When I try to plug in an external HDMI, the screen goes black and PC's power shuts off. Weird.

Running 18.04.3 on a Lenovo Ideapad 14.

Meteorite chondrule viewed in cross-polarized light. Genuine meteorites for collectors and science at Galactic Stone & Ironworks.

Sudbury Black Onaping cabochon. Made from suevite meteorite impact breccia recovered from the Sudbury impact crater area. Large and substantial piece with a high polish. Ready for a setting or wrapping. Contact me to inquire.

Firefox 69 uses significantly more memory at idle than Chrome 70. (Ubuntu 18.04.3 and LXDE)

Firefox 69 with one tab open, my PC is using 1355mb of memory. (No other applications running).

Chrome 70 with one tab open, my PC is using 796mb of memory. (No other applications running).

That is quite a difference. I prefer Firefox to Chrome, but I really wish Firefox would manage my resources better when using them.

Brenham. Stony-iron meteorite (pallasite). Shiny nickel alloy matrix with gemmy olivine (peridot) crystals.

Minerals, Crystals, Amber, Tektites, and other exotic natural specimens at

(shown : Chaton, official co-mascot of Galactic Stone & Ironworks)

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