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414.7 parts per million. A new record. Higher than any time in human history. This is not opinion. This is reality.

This is hard science, backed up by peer review. This is not politics or spin. There is no debate. If you don't understand what these numbers mean, then use the internet and educate yourself on it.

At this point in the game, denying anthropogenic global warming is like denying the moon landings or vaccines.

I still have some nice sub-gram Aguas Zarcas meteorite specimens available for collectors.

For researchers, I have lots of dust and tiny specks that would be ideal for destructive analysis - these are not listed on the website, so contact me if interested.

If you want a BIG specimen, I can get larger uncut stones at near-wholesale prices - contact me if interested.

Link :

All hail our new leader, the 50-foot-tall, militant, Latina lesbian.

Father's Day Science Sale. Use coupon code "mastodon" at checkout for 20% OFF and bonus freebies -

Presidential Election - Who do you vote for?

Aguas Zarcas meteorite - the freshest meteorite on the planet. It was still in space less than a month ago! I have budget-priced specimens available for collectors and scientists.

Once again, GULF OF TONKIN.

If you are not familiar with it, look it up. Read about it. It's happening again.

Aguas Zarcas meteorite. Primitive CM2 carbonaceous chondrite from the early solar system. Contains the raw ingredients of life : water, salts, amino acids, aromatic hydrocarbons, and volatile organics.

Pristine specimens available for collectors and scientists at Galactic Stone & Ironworks.

Fresh batch of fragrant Aguas Zarcas meteorite fragments and endcuts. You can still smell the aromatic hydrocarbons from space!

Rainy season is here and fossil season is over, as today's radar map of central Florida will clearly demonstrate.

New Fossil specimens listed today :

1) 12-pound block of fossilized coral.

2) Fossiliferous dolomite loaded with trilobites.

3) Fossilferous slate loaded with crinoids and plants.

4) Fragolodon lot (partial megalodon teeth).

5) More small Aguas Zarcas meteorite fragments (not fossils obviously, but worth mentioning).

Link -

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