Correction - the find was in Wakulla Springs, not the Aucilla River.

Meteorite collection. Wood and glass display case with 72 micromount specimens of different petrologic types and localities.

Authentic samples of heat shield tile from the space shuttle. Research surplus acquired from a ex-NASA outreach ambassador. Available at Galactic Stone & Ironworks.

Our fossil-hunting trip got canceled at the last minute because my partner called in sick. So, my wife Tina and I decided to try out the new kayak on the Hillsborough River. We didn't find any fossils (there aren't any on the Hillsborough), but we did have a good time. Here is a shot of us passing under a bridge. It's always a little creepy under those bridges.

This is a small piece of the planet Mars. It was blasted off the surface of Mars by an asteroid impact and launched into space where it was captured by Earth's gravity and fell as a meteorite in the Saharan Desert. Lab analyzed and guaranteed authentic for life. Lunar samples also available.

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