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I'm done with 9Gag as a time-waster.

Too many racists. Too many transphobes. Too many incels. Too much butthurt.

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"Primitive camping" should mean NOBODY else around me - period.

I want to have a remote wilderness experience. Why hike for miles to reach a backcountry/primitive site, just to find several sites packed closely together on top of each other? WTF?

I am not hiking out into the middle of nowhere, just to have some rando assclowns 20 feet away from me. Lame.

If you want security for your vehicle while you camp, the price is having other people around all the time.

Sorry, had to bitch. LOL.

Libertarianism is Texas shivering in the cold dark because capitalists siphoned off the grid's profits and neglected the infrastructure.

Libertarians want all the benefits of a civilized society, without any of the responsibilities that come with it.

Ayn Rand (and Libertarianism) is exposed as a total fraud, again.

People in NY don't know what a shit governor really is.

If you want to see a shitty governor, look no further than Florida's Ron DeathSantis - a bonafide garbage human.

We'll take Cuomo over DeSantis all day long.

All. Day. Long.

Been running a D&D campaign for a few months. Up until now, the PCs have been largely railroaded through a mostly-linear path in the story. Unknown to them, the story is about to blow wide open into a sandbox type of world.

Am also introducing several new NPCs with interesting stories of their own. The entire complexion of the campaign is about to change in a big way and the players have no idea it's coming.

Good and evil will no longer be clear-cut and obvious.

Australians are the next group of people waking up to the fact that Facebook is trash.

I wish my name was Dick.

I feel like it fits my personality better than Mike.

do you enjoy my art? my posts? both?

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One of the biggest, nastiest and longest-lasting polar vortexes brought record freeze to Texas.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Francis published a study in 2012 suggesting that Arctic warming would make the โ€œpolar vortexโ€ phenomenon more common in the Midwest and Northeast.

Scientists have been warning us for years now, and we continue to ignore them at our own peril.

I'm open for #commissions ^.^ I mostly do mandalas, and can incorporate different elements (flowers, symbology, though I'm not good at animals or people), but I also do abstract work and floral illustrations (like words surrounded by botanicals).

Prices include shipping and are roughly, depending on complexity:

A5: $40 USD
A4: $80 USD
A3: $150 USD
A2: $250 USD

With an extra $15 for registered mail with a tracking number.

Email: ^.^


Giant methane-eruption craters in the Siberian permafrost. Another troubling sign of global warming.

These are similar in appearance to meteorite impact craters.

Link -

Publix is trash. Don't spend your money there.

I boycotted those dicks after they bankrolled the opposition to medical marijuana in Florida. Glad to see everyone else catching on to the fact that Publix is garbage.

Link -

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