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If the rich are going to continue avoiding taxes and amassing wealth, the least they could do is fatten up and cover themselves in a delicious honey glaze sauce.

Pro Tip : The pandemic is global and it's not over.

No matter how well your country is doing with vax rates, there are still hot spots around the globe.

New variants will continue to emerge and spread from these hotspots. Until the entire human race reaches herd immunity, the threat will remain.

Don't let your guard down yet. I am fully vaxxed and will continue to wear a mask in public for the forseeable future.

Early in the pandemic last year, I strongly suspect the entire house caught Covid. We had light to moderate cases that did not require hospitalization.

But, my wife and I have not felt the same since then. I suspect this was due to "Long Covid". I felt like I had physically aged 10 years since then.

Now, 24 hours after getting my second Pfizer shot, I feel rejuvenated. No serious negative side effects and I feel better than I have in a year.

I was not expecting this.

My long-running D&D campaign is coming to a climactic end this weekend.

The party will fight the big baddie boss and his fanatically-loyal army of shocktroops.

This has been building for eight months and I am looking forward to wrapping it up and becoming a player again (new DM after this).

It also means I have to start working on the next campaign which will debut later this year when it becomes my turn to DM again.

Got my second Pfizer shot today. Fully vaxxed up now.

I will keep wearing a mask in crowded public places because people are gross and I expect another pandemic to happen in our future.

Republicans hilariously show their ignorance of the scientific method when they try to make a controversy out of Dr. Fauci's emails.

There is no controversy there, just the usual back and forth of science as new data emerges.

Cromagnons, troglodytes, CHUDs, and morlocks don't understand how science works, so there must be something bad in those emails.


Here it is.

This is what you have been waiting for.

It will change your life.


Quasicrystal-laden trinitite specimens available at -

Photo : petrographic thin section of trinitite showing unusual inclusions.

Fossil-hunting on Florida's scenic Peace River, Bone Valley formation, Hawthorn group, Desoto County. Miocene-Pliocene-Pleistocene.

Photo 1 : looking downstream from our hunting and picnic spot.

Photo 2 : digging for fossils in the shallows.

Photo 3 : wading through the shallows on our way to the hunting spot.

Photo 4 : huge bald cypress trees lining the river banks.

Journal Science link -

Summary : it is proven that masks reduced Covid transmission, and presumably comparable pathogens or similar-sized pollutant particles.

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Re: using the "honor system" regarding masks and proof of vaccination.

Bullshit. People are science-denying liars. I am supposed to believe that randos are vaxxed because they are maskless? Based on their word alone? Fucking laughable. No chance.

I am going to automatically assume each and every one of you are plague-bearers. No offense. My mask stays on.

This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with having an open slot on my face to equip something.

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