Sudbury impact crater shattercone. The vertical lines in the rock are "horsetail" striations that are artifacts of the shockwave that passed through the target rock after impact. The presence of shattercones is one of the geological indicators that a suspected impact structure is actually a meteorite crater.

Ancient Paleo-shorelines of Florida in various geologic time periods. There are entire submerged villages of indigenous peoples that once sat on past shorelines. The sea levels have fluctuated many more times than what is shown here. From left to right : Eocene, Pliocene, Pleistocene.

How off the saw. A fresh batch of impact breccia specimens from the Sudbury and Wanapitei meteorite impact craters in Canada. Slices, endcuts, shattercones, and thumbnails. Available on my website at

Photo : Sudbury, Black Onaping impact breccia (grey variant), endcut.

We’re launching TONS of science to International Space Station this week! Learn about the cargo on board Northrop Grumman’s #Cygnus spacecraft — ranging from 3D printing and recycling to simulating the creation of celestial bodies from stardust:…

Say what you want about previous presidents, but none have declared war on science like the current tangerine Mussolini. This man is anti-science, and if you support him, then you are anti-science as well.

Today is my birthday. I am now two years shy of half-a-century. Yes, that qualifies me as a fossil. You can wish me "Happy Birthday" by filling your cart at

A little command-line listening for your weekend.

What to do if your child says "MAGA" unironically

I will boost your moo.

Tag me in a photo of your moo for a free moo-boost.

Here is my moo Paul wearing a toupee.

Titanic Display with genuine coal from the shipwreck. Own a piece of Maritime history. Available at Galactic Stone & Ironworks -

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