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The gunshots and artillery explosions are beginning. It's going to be a long-night for us peace-loving humans and the animals under our care.

Fireworks are such an unnecessarily-loud and expensive way to announce penis size anxiety. It would be much cheaper and easier to wear a t-shirt that says "My thumb-dick makes me feel inadequate".


Please do note the rather large gap between "voting is not enough [by itself]" and "voting is a waste of time."

If voting were completely useless, there wouldn't be so much voter suppression. The right wing puts a lot of energy in trying to make you stay home. Don't help them!

It's mildly annoying that an "affordable" Linux-based phone costs around $300 USD.

Affordable to who?

Where are the $100 USD Linux phones? Do I need to buy a budget smartphone, root it, and install a mobile-friendly Linux distro myself? But, if I do, it's almost guaranteed that vital phone functions won't work, like voice calls, SMS, or web.

Do you collect things? Like, do you have a collection of a specific type of things? Anything from rocks to D&D figurines and anything in between?

Phuck July 4th. I am highly sus of anyone who feels patriotic right now.

"This is the intersection of a social system designed to concentrate wealth like a gravitational singularity (we call it “capitalism”) and fossil fuel power. For example, billionaire Charles Koch (...) campaigned to install the three new Republican justices in the first place. Rupert Murdoch has spent decades creating a worldwide climate denial media empire that includes Fox News. And fossil fuel executives have colluded for decades to prevent climate action with full knowledge of the consequences."

That nukebros believe this kind of shit won't happen in their nuclear utopia speaks volumes about their utter inability to recognise nor understand how capitalism works.

Pick your familiar :

I like the articles on Ars Technica.

I hate the comments section. It's full of neckbeards and know-it-alls who don't know nearly as much as they think they do.

It's also full of capitalist bootlickers.

Good articles, piss-poor comments.

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