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Tampa Bay Lightning win the Stanley Cup. Yes, the world is still on fire and the country is circling the drain, but the Lightning are going home 35-pounds heavier.

Photo : the best pic of Erik Cernak and Nikita Kucherov.

After a 30-year hiatus, I am playing D&D again. A lot has changed in the rules since that time. Actually got my wife playing it for the first time and she likes it.

2020 is bizarro world. LOL.

Trump has dodged taxes more than the draft. He inherited a quarter-billion dollars in dirty money from his daddy, then lost it all and another $420m on top of that. My cat is better with money.

Hilarious that his broke-dick, trailer-trash followers are paying more taxes than their orange cult-leader.

Now, watch them trip over themselves to fluff him and make excuses for it.

New Moon Rocks (lunar meteorites) available for purchase :

NWA 11788 (lunar feldspathic breccia), uncut individual fragment, 1.2g -ย

NWA 11788 (lunar feldspathic breccia), uncut individual fragment, .933g -ย

NWA 11788 (lunar feldspathic breccia), uncut individual fragment, .729g -ย

NWA 11788 (lunar feldspathic breccia), uncut individual fragment, .673g -ย

The rock business is feast or famine. It's a niche collectible and a non-essential thing. So, sales have been slow AF since the pandemic began.

About a month ago, for no apparent reason, sales exploded and went gangbusters. I shipped out 27 packages to 6 countries this week alone.

This kind of thing happens from time to time, but usually for a clearly-identified reason. Hopefully I can keep this wave rolling through the upcoming holiday season.

Jesus Fucking Christ 2020. Seriously? You killed RBG and gave Trump another Supreme Court vacancy to fill with a rapist or fascist.


2000 years ago, this loaf of bread was going to be someone's meal. But then Mount Vesuvio erupted and buried the city of Pompeii and everyone and everything in it.

Data Shows a Third of the U.S. Faces

As the moves into the last weeks of climatological , one- third of the country is experiencing at least a moderate level of drought. Much of the is approaching severe drought, and has been unusually dry and hot. An estimated 53 million people are living in drought-affected areas.

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